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Chao Space 邀請賴士超Lai,Shih-Chao及黃昱斌Huang,Yu-Ping兩位藝術家參與2022 WHATZ,以東方媒材(膠彩及水墨)作為創作的材料,主題以關心社會議題發展的脈動,連結生活意識的情感。

Artists Shih-Chao Lai & Yu-Pin Huang are invited by Chao Space to participate in 2022 WHATZ.Eastern art mediums (i.e. Eastern Gouache and ink paintings) are utilized as the materials for creation. The theme of creation is concerning the dynamics of social issues and blending the thought of nature and the 24 solar terms in the artworks, in order to develop the emotional connection to the consciousness in daily life. ​



Shih-Chao Lai, the doctoral student of the Dept. of Fine Art (Ink Painting stream) of NTNU. Line art is taken as the starting point to concern the context of urban transformation, create a city map and emit the emotional projection in

 between reality and unreality. Every single moment observed is shared with

the audience.



Yu-Pin Huang, the doctoral graduate of the Dept. of Fine Art (Ink Painting stream) of NTNU.Apart from extending the imagination towards the previous series of love, a new series of the 24 solar terms is also exhibited this time. Freehand brush work and abstract painting are utilized as an expression of letting painting return simply as a record of life and reflecting the feeling between nature and human beings.