975 976 丁丁藝術空間


Moisés Yagües 莫伊


他受到漫畫、插圖、 Fraile, Philip Guston作品的影響;還有一些街頭藝術家,如Basquiat  或 Keith Haring 。莫伊認為這是


Moises Yagues was born in Murcia, Spain in1972. A self-taught artist, he has studied avariety of techniques from painting to

printmaking and film. He is one of theresident artists at “la Persiana Naranja”, an artand studio space in Murcia. Now a masterprinter, he has exhibited his work in severalEuropean countries. His latest workcomments on the very controversial issue of immigration and the arbitrary nature of borders.

Jisbar 吉斯巴

Jisbar是一位出生於  1989 年的法國流行街頭藝術家。他是世界上第一個以流行和街頭藝術的個人風格重新詮釋蒙娜麗莎、弗里達卡羅等克里姆特和沃霍爾等古典藝術傑作的藝術家。這種驚人的混合影響塑造了一個清晰而獨特的身份,激發了當



 Born in 1989, Jisbar is a young raising “pop street artist”. Surrounded by art and by the world of skate-parks since an

early age, he combines his two passions by exulting his creativity. Jisbar draws his inspiration from fashion, music, pop art, the underground style of the world of skateboard and all the motifs displayed on the streets. Through a myriad of colors, he spreads a punk style and a sort of pictorial freedom. The artist approaches with irony the references of the pop culture.

Under his prism, society meddles in his canvases and shows another face. Jisbar freezes, what he calls, “moments of

life”…. an ode to a past time or a taste for nostalgia, his works emit an indescribable force. Such force engenders by an instinctive gesture in order to extract the essence of the creative spontaneity and of a defunct society. Jisbar has doen several exhibitions in France, the United States and Sweden. The artist focuses in creating in situ works, in a relationship concordance relationship between the place, the architecture and the public.

Akihiko Yoshida 吉田昭彥



 Akihiko Yoshida once said: “Removing paranoia with new elements added is the basic attitude of creating and making”.

Every day, every piece of work is important to him. No two pieces are alike, all are crafted with diligence and attentive emotions. From gentle sculptures to expressive figures. Yoshida hopes to bring joy and happiness to everyone through his artworks, which is an  art that contain Akihiko Yoshida warm feelings.

Paolo Pilotti 保羅

 Paolo Pilotti (保羅)在 1982 年出生於羅馬,並在那裡生活和工作。屬於意大利藝術團體 “New Pop”和 “Italian Newborn”的畫家。 3歲時,他用左手拿起了他人生的第一支彩色蠟筆,並從此不間斷的實踐藝術。保羅與生俱來對藝術的熱情,成為了他整個教育成長過程中的領航員:在藝術學院、羅馬美術學院獲得美術組碩士學位,並以一篇關於解剖學的論文畢業。多年來,他的作品已在多個個人展覽和團體展覽中展出在意大利各地的藝術畫廊展出。

 Paolo Pilotti lives and works in Rome, where he was born in 1982. Pilotti Is an Italian painter of Italian art groups “New Pop” and “Italian Newborn” At the age of 3,he picked up his first colouring crayon, with his left hand and hasn’t stopped colouring since. His innate passion for art has guided him throughout his education: after his highschool diploma at Art school, he went on to achieve a Master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, in Painting, with his final thesis on the Anatomy. Over the years, his work has been on display in several personal exhibits, as well as group exhibits in various art galleries accross Italy.

Gemma Holzer 吉瑪

吉瑪的創作媒材多元, 她習慣製作大型用色鮮豔的繪畫, 充滿活力,卻又平面的特質, 隱約諧擬線上的網路世界。過度飽和的場景暗指著青春奔放的記憶,通過使用孩童般的意象, 引領我們反思進入成年期的危機、以及大眾之間的人際關係, 揭示了在後數位時代能讓我們產生共鳴的集體孤獨感。宗教對吉瑪的創作也有很深的影響, 繪畫的初衷是如教義裡訴說的分享與愛, 在作品中也都可以找到隱藏的十字符號。他身處於在人造世界中, 去反思當今時代下如何扮演一個人類的有關問題, 正如同現代的人與人之的連結, 漸漸被數位科技給取代, 畫中的PinkBoy 渴望與外界互動,卻又孤立在自己的小世界裡。

 Through the use of childlike imagery, artist Gemma Holzer reflects upon the universal emergence into adulthood and the interpersonal relationships we hold with one another. Her work reveals the collective loneliness that resonates in our post digital age. Gemma makes large scale paintings that use brightly colored acrylic and oil on canvas. The paintings have a vibrant and flat quality that mimic the online realm. Her art is a transposition of digital drawings into physical painting. Flat, and profoundly still, the images exist as vacuums of time. These overly saturated scenes suggest memories of

youth. Her work explores themes concerning interpersonal relationships, loneliness and reality, through the use of childlike imagery. The paintings are an escape from reality; the intention being to take the viewer into a make-believe virtual world.

Holzer’s work revolves around a fetus-like character named PinkBoy, who inhabits worlds appropriated from existing cartoon

imagery. PinkBoy is a self-portrait; a personal avatar; a depiction of childhood. He is placed within the artificial worlds to

consider issues around being human in today’s age.