SKYLINE由四位創作者的英文姓名組合而成,以國際背景及多元媒材共構創作天際線。梁秀芬(Sophie LEONG)暗黑華麗系藝術家,英國金斯頓大學插畫碩士,擅長以細膩筆法描繪魔幻及時尚題材,作品曾於倫敦、歐洲、澳門、台北等多地展售。高甄斈(JenShyue KAO)東方繪畫藝術家,國立臺灣師範大學美術學系博士,擅長以動物隱喻及批判社會權力關係,曾任金門駐縣藝術家,獲磺溪獎、彩墨新人賞等。曾怡馨(YiHsin TZENG)不畫臉的藝術家,香港教育大學博士,偏好以複合手法表現女性慾望與身份認同,曾獲雲門流浪者計畫、台北藝術進駐、文建會水磨坊等多項獎助計畫。林智偉(ChihWei LIN)跨領域藝術家,法國土魯斯第二大學視聽學博士,作品橫跨電影、攝影及繪畫領域,以蒙太奇手法再現台灣風景,出版作品獲法國國家圖書館收藏。

The name of SKYLINE comes from the English names of four artists. We tend to create a skyline with our international backgrounds and multiple media.


Sophie LEONG is a visual artist, obtaining a master’s degree from Kingston University London. She is talented in  fashion and fantasy style with intricate details, her works have been exhibited and sold in London, Europe, Macau, Taipei.


JenShyue KAO is an oriental painting artist, who holds a PhD from National Taiwan Normal University. Kao is good at using animals as a metaphor to criticize social power and relations. She had an artist residency in Kinmen County, and won the Huang Xi Award and the Color Ink New Artist Award.


YiHsin TZENG is a painter, who got her doctoral degree from the Education University of Hong Kong. Tzeng prefers not to paint faces of figures and expresses female desire and identity with mixed media. She has won numerous awards and residency programs, such as the Cloud Gate Wanderer Project, Taipei Art Residency, and the Watermill Center.


ChihWei LIN, an interdisciplinary artist, holds a PhD degree in audiovisual study from the University of Toulouse II, France. Lin’s works span the fields of film, photography, and painting. He represents the scenery of Taiwan with the technique of Montage and his published works are collected by the National Library of France.


梁秀芬 / Sophie LEONG

高甄斈 / JenShyue KAO

曾怡馨 / YiHsin TZENG

林智偉 / ChihWei LIN