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amtamART團隊成立於2009年初的柏林,欲匯集各領域、跨學科之藝術家及其創作,建立跨國網絡,提供一個實驗性的當代藝術平台;促進各類型、各媒材實驗性藝術創作的對話,並透過展演對這個不斷改變的世界提出詰問與反思。2015年起與The ASC(The Art Shelter and Cinema) 共同舉辦滲透媒體影音藝術節(OSMOSIS Audiovisul Media Festival),並參與2016日本東京跨領域藝術節、2017《數位間歇》英國巡迴計畫、2018莫斯科CCI Fabrika《數據控》數位藝術展,以及2019-2020臺南美術館與新加坡藝術科學博物館合作之《超級-軌跡》當代藝術展演等。此次WHATZ策展專區展覽《複身體:我在這裡》由陳妍卉、洪韵婷共同策劃。

tamtamART established in Berlin in 2009, and is offering an experimental contemporary art platform, this art space congregates various artists and creations of different domains and disciplines. At the same time, tamtamART and The ASC (The ART SHELTER AND CINEMA) organize OSMOSIS Audiovisual Media Festival together. Their recent projects are the exhibition and screening project “Digital Break: New Perspectives on Taiwanese Moving Image” throughout the UK, 2017, the exhibition “Data Mania” at CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia, 2018, and an international and cross-regional exchange exhibition “SUPER-TRAJECTORY” in Tainan, Taiwan and Singapore in 2019 and 2020. The WHATZ curatorial area exhibition “《Plural Bodies: I Am Here》” is co-curated by Chen Yan-Huei and Hung Yun-Ting.






「複身體」在此指的是重複、複數的身體概念,包含由重複的身體動作一筆筆在紙上刻畫下時間的推移;由重複堅硬的積水枕型物件強調身體感受的不舒適性 ;由重複的手勢動作表達溝通的態度;由重複的金屬迴圈呈現社會環境為身體戴上的束縛等。展覽中,作者們用不同的觀點談論與身體相關的議題,重複、複數的身體以相異的形式存在於空間裡,使觀者透過觀看擬化為身體想像,經由身體感受意識到在此空間裡正發生的「現在」。



Plural Bodies: I Am Here


“A human body is present when, between the see-er and the visible, between touching and touched, between one eye and the other, between hand and hand a kind of crossover occurs, when the spark of the sensing/sensible is lit…”–-Eye and Mind (L’Œil et l’Esprit), Maurice Merleau-Ponty


A human body is a physical entity given to each one of us when we are born. Through it we recognize ourselves, explore things, and sense the environment. A human body is what we use to receive information from the external world and to express ourselves and communicate with others through body movements as symbols.  The body moves in space, while the space reflects the existence of the body. As the body moves, the person connects with other beings in that space. One’s existence is demonstrated through repeated physical movement.


The idea of Plural Bodies is about the repetitiveness and plurality of the body. It could be repetitive body movement of marking the passage of time with pen strokes on paper; bodily uneasiness accentuated by replicas of pillow-like objects pooled with water; repeated gestures indicating one’s attitudes in communication; replicated metal loops suggesting bodily constraints imposed by the social environment. In this exhibition, the creators address bodily issues from various perspectives. Existing in the space are bodily images—repeated, in the plural sense, while taking on different forms. The viewers’ experience of seeing them are translated into senses, thoughts and imagination, through which they become aware of the “here and now” in the space.


Plural Bodies: I Am Here is a human-centric discussion about the body and existence. The exhibition features projects by eight groups of artists from Taiwan and abroad, who use the body as a subject or medium to explore its relationships with the self, others, and the space. As the bodies see and are seen, everyone onsite feels the moment of presence—the creators are here, the viewers are here, and I am here.