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葉依柔 michun

2012年投入插畫創作,網路發表創作至今。範圍涵蓋廣告、出版、報紙、雜誌。除平面的繪畫設計,也擅長將創作結合立體裝置,運用在櫥窗廣告,期待各種不設限的合作方式。先後於 2018 年法國巴黎《salon des beaux artsy》創作聯展拿下銅獎、及今年以歌手岑寧兒《舞女Bedtime Story》MV 動畫導演入圍第 32 屆金曲獎最佳 MV 獎。如今的她不僅是一位插畫藝術家,也同時擁有著動畫師、平面設計師兩種身分。

michun has devoted herself to illustration since 2012 and currently publishes her work through the internet. Her illustrations can be been in advertising campaigns, publications, newspapers and magazines. She is not only very talented in painting for graphic design but also good at combining her artworks with three-dimensional installations for window displays.

In 2018, she won the Bronze Award at the “Salon des beaux artsy” creative exhibition in Paris, France, and this year, she was nominated for the Best MV Award at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards for her animation and direction of the music video for “Bedtime Story of Dancing Girl”.She is not only an illustration artist, but also an animator and graphic designer.

徐至宏 HOM

He constantly challenges for creative breakthrough, his use of media extends from flat graphics to three-dimensional ceramic artworks. Expert in transforming real scenes into arena filled with magical creatures. His book, “Before Sunset”, has won the Taiwan 40th Golden Tripod Award, Best Graphic Illustrator Category.

丁原生 Austin



He is engaged in design work and illustration to-date.

He is fond of science-fiction and ancient civilization theme, astound by evolution and development of species and in turn transforming these perception into his creation. Upon completing his first artwork “Evolution”, elements of human and apes are often seen in his creations, in which he continues to pay attention to the things he cares as well as echoing his initial dream of making artwork.

洪添賢 Croter

Croter Hung, a designer and illustrator, is adept in using a variety of illustration styles for design purposes. He tends to draw with a super-realism technique, combining mythology and ironic dark humor, which, through the innocent tone of his work, then aims to gradually show the reality of life and society.


My art style is filled with gorgeous decorations, vibrant and psychedelic colors, focused on the attractive feministic form of women. The women portray in my work has dynamics forms and expressive postures, sometimes accompanied with erotic connotation.

夏仙 Sammi

She is good at painting pastel on waterproof abrasive paper to create her own personal characteristic. She loves turning her daily observations into ideas in her paintings, defusing child-like fun, laidback yet distinct paintings.

不討喜 Butaoxi Kao

Because of the fascination of handicraft, he fell in love with making pottery and drawing. Through the unpredictability of pottery, glaze, color and firing, he constructs a private dialogue between his works and the viewer.