“Our Arts” is a gallery brand established by the National Taiwan University of arts. The institute was founded in 1955, which makes it the most historical and department-abundant university of arts. Aside from nurturing professional artists, the school has been collaborating with diversified designers and artists throughout recent years. Our Arts seek to provide a comprehensive artistic environment for the new blood, allowing the multielement of art creation to be introduced to the public through various windows while providing opportunities for talents to shine.


耿怡文 / Yi Wen KEN

林姿兒 / Zih Er LIN

袁子軒 / Tzu Hsuan YUAN

符麗娟 / Lih Jiuan FWU

沈士傑 / Shih Chieh SHEN

劉育如 / Yu Ju LIU

鄧玉萍 / Yu Ping TENG